Real Racing 3: Sneaky Tips

  1. Ensure you’ve the best car all the time

It is always best to go with the best you have. In the initial stages (do not think about the upgrades (unless you have Real Racing 3 hack), try to simply hit the race track, also the initial selection of the car would hardly matter. However in the latter stages, you must have certain performance scores so as to participate in special races. If there is a better & faster alternative, go for it.

  1. Upgrades

A boost in the speed does not ensure that you’ll succeed each time. Engine enhancements can offer improved outcomes in terms of top speed, however not as much acceleration.

During most races of this game, lesser 0-60 timings can benefit quite a bit as compared to going with 195 mph speed.

The initial start is important during every race. Also try to reduce the weight of your car whenever possible.

  1. In-app purchases

Like several other games, this game also needs the players to buy the most useful resources through the in app purchases. Otherwise, you’re likely to spend more time just waiting for the things to happen. This is where Real Racing 3 hack plays a huge role. The tool allows you to take advantage of all the resources in the in-app purchases section without spending a single dime.

  1. Horsepower is not the only thing required to win a drag race

Although HP may seem critical to win a drag racing contest but there are other things as well that you must consider.

For instance, timing is an equally important element.

If you are able to time your race to precision, you will have much higher chances to win a competition in spite of lacking some HP. The key is your launch. You must also remember that the delay in between green & red lights vary during each round, hence avoid getting caught & making a false start.

  1. Racing wide (not too wide though), never slide

If you hit the grass more often, then it might affect your momentum quite considerably. Same is the case with sliding round the corners. Whilst it might seem cool, the fact is it won’t help you in winning the race. In case you get too late while applying the brakes, try to keep the turn as even as possible.

  1. Share

You will be able to earn additional gold simply by sharing all the results with your Facebook friends.

  1. Using the Bonus Effectively

The newest update offered a few additional methods for earning additional coins. This also includes playing the game each single day, hence even if you feel that you don’t wish to play the game a particular day, just launch it up, get your reward, & close the game. Simple as that.

  1. Easy Way to Make Quick Progress

The newest real racing 3 cheats is here. With this tool, you will be able to unlock various resources available only through in app purchases absolutely for free. This will make your gaming experience further exciting. Cool! Right?

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